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Wir sind uns der Bedeutung unserer Beziehung zu unseren Kunden voll bewusst. Seit 10 Jahren setzen wir unser Geschäft mit dem Vertrauen unserer Kunden fort.

Thyssenkrupp The Thyssenkrupp Mining business unit has been working with QC-Turk inspection company since more than 7 years. This company is characterized by optimally trained and flexibility stuff.

Even working on Thyssenkrupp sites worldwide, we as Thyssenkrupp order also the personnel of QC-Turk for different jobs.

We are looking forward in the future for a good cooperation with QC- Turk.
Joachim Kapteina
Head Of Quality Assurance
Thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions - BU Mining
Christian Pfeiffer Quality control and inspection service during the fabrication of a mill head for a cement mill by QC Turk. Very professional fulfilment of the order. Thanks! Detlef Enseleit
Head of Technical Support and Production
Christian Pfeiffer
Sidenor Forgings and Castings Really good team and proffesional people. Worthy services on field, willingness and very good personal treatment. Fluid communication and good knowledge about quality requirements in forgings and castings. Diego Gonzalez C.
Forgings Quality Manager
Sidenor Forgings and Castings