Confidential, Independent and Objective
in All Processes


As QCTURK Senior Management,
• We will carry out all inspection activities we will offer within the framework of the “TS EN ISO / IEC 17020” standard in accordance with the principle of Confidentiality, Independence and Impartiality,
• Equal distance to all our customers; We will provide a fair service regardless of geographical region, social environment and political approaches,
• We will not allow all personnel, who may affect our operations, to be exposed to commercial, financial and other pressures that will compromise their impartiality, internally or externally, and affect the decision of our auditors,
• We will not have a financial, commercial, customer orientation or interestoriented relationship with any institution, organization or customer that will affect our impartiality,
• In all of our inspection activities, we will detect threats that may impair impartiality and analyze them with our objectivity risk assessments and continue with continuous improvement activities,
• We will carry out activities as The conditions Type A in Annex A of the TS EN ISO/IEC 17020,
• With the person / organization benefiting from the inspection service of our employees, in the last two years and / or ongoing commercial or any interest or kinship etc. in the event of a relationship, we will not assign the relevant employee to this process,
• We will conduct financial issues separately from inspection activities in order not to affect full independence and impartiality,
• If any matter affecting our impartiality is detected in the inspection activities, we will carry out the inspection activities again,
• We will keep all the information and decisions of the institutions we serve against third parties confidential,

We accept, declare and undertake.