Brunei – Space Roof

Purpose; Manufacturing inspections of the space roof cage part of the fertilization system, which allows the fertilizer to be transported with the help of the rail on the belt conveyor in the space cage, to be poured into the silo and stored, were carried out by us.

The dimensions of the building are 382×68 meters and the storage area is 26,000 square meters. The vaulted roof has a static working span of 61 meters.

The building with a total roof length of 382 meters also has a conveyor belt attached to the roof.

The building is designed in 3 phases and the roof is divided into sections as 1,2 and 3.

Manufacturing controls of 9189 purlins and 3255 purlin elements with a total weight of approximately 464 tons, 28369 pipes with a total weight of approximately 600 tons and 7437 nodes, as well as the above-mentioned conveyor belt steel manufacturing controls with an approximate weight of 210 tons were carried out by us.

All WPS’s and welder certificates of the factory were examined before the welding operations started, and the welding parameters were observed at intervals throughout the entire work.

Without unloading the incoming materials from the truck, measurements and visual controls were made and the certificates were checked as an incoming material inspection.

In accordance with the given specification, visual and dimensional checks were made, together with the cones welded at the ends, to connect all pipe elements to the support, in addition to this, since all pipes are electrostatic paint over galvanized coating, visual and thickness controls were made separately.

Welding, measurement and paint checks of purlins and purlin elements were made.

Spheres (nodes) and supports made on the CNC machining machine were measured and approved with a caliper, since pre-assembly could not be made with pipes. Since epoxy paint is required on electrogalvanized spheres and supports, paint thickness measurements were made separately in both stages.

Since the bucket on 210 tons of steel fabrication will walk on the rail, ±2mm tolerance was given in drawing for welded rail, pre-assembly has been made and all welding processes have been checked with gauges. All steel parts were sandblasted and electrostatic paint was applied and visual, dimensional and paint thickness measurements were taken.

In order to prevent deformation of all packages during transportation, it was planned to pack the two steel parts in such a way that they would not come into contact with each other, and they were made and controlled accordingly.

Visual, dimensional and paint related reports of all productions are made separately and put in the quality file. The certificates of all manufactured materials are also included in the quality file.

All these inspection stages have been completely under our control, and all inspections carried out by us have been recorded in the required format with reports, photographs and videos. In addition to the technical quality controls carried out in this project, we informed the customer by regularly reporting the weekly/daily process monitoring (expediting) in an appropriate format.

We have successfully completed the ‘Space Roof’ project, with complete audits and reports carried out by experienced and trained team members of QCTurk, who are professionals in the sector in Turkey. You can follow our website and social media accounts to be informed about our other successful projects.

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